UK’s worst long distance route?

So, I just went out for chicken (a staple in my area) and got a little carried away on the board. Through Barking, onto Ilford and through Romford… and that’s when my front truck fell off. It a horrible enough route as it is: no hills, constant flow of badly laid paving slabs, prostitutes on every corner but you get a great reaction from all the foreigners that jump out of your way 100mtrs in advance. I suppose I was about 9k into the trip with no real idea where I was heading and BAM!! That’ll teach me for using street bolts on 1″ thick longboard.

So I’m stood there pissing myself laughing with no clue of where I was, board in 1 hand, truck in another and I reach for google maps to find my phone dead. Great! A bus pulls up, I have no other option. And that’s when I found out that they don’t take cash anymore, all I have is a fiver and a broken skateboard. So… a long walk! Tracing my pushes an unknown distance all the way home.

Tonight, I learnt that getting lost with a longboard is truly wonderful. I also learnt that getting lost without a longboard is a complete fucking ball ache.

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  1. looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see how it goes!


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