So… lets take the scenic route. What’s that? about 2000k? I’d say that qualifies as long distance.

Starting off at Brighton Pier, I push the longboard a shortish distance to Newhaven where I catch a ferry to Dieppe. Of course, the first thing any boy does when he hit’s French soil is buy loads of bangers and knives, then I hooked up with the Eurovelo 4 Cycle route towards Brittany.

Then it’s the Atlantic Coastal route (Eurovelo 1) all the way down the west coast of France, down the Nantes canal, through pine forests for 200k and onto La Rochelle.

The route changed mid way. The initial plan was to head down to San Sebastien and hook a left, crossing northern Spain along the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees but, further research informed me that I was just biting off way more then a meal for one. Instead, I headed into south central France after Bordeaux and crossed over to the Med via Toulouse, skating the coastal route to Perpignan, up through the mountains and downhill into Barcelona.

The journey was modified as I went, as was necessary, to keep in line with my only two rules; Safety and Fun….. there were days spent on foot when my wheels didn’t touch the ground at all. Times where skating was simply impossible due to the weather or illness or orders from the police. The entire journey was one big learning curve partly due to the lack of resources available to me during the planning stages and my own ignorance. EVERYTHING will be explained here, culminating in a one stop shop on what to expect if you also feel like you want to down tools one day, grab your board and head into the unknown.

Current Location

So… why Ibiza?

I needed some sun!  a change of climate, a break from the messed up culture of London, somewhere I can wind down and spend a little time enjoying the simpler things without having to constantly worry about the rest. As I’ve already said, it was always going to be Ibiza, I really didn’t feel like I had a choice.

But thinking about it from a different angle, it’s a great distance and stunning route that delivers a stark visual difference between countries. The route was safe (according to my research) as many cyclists would be doing sections as I pass through however…. I only know of one guy that has Skateboarded the Atlantic Coast route of France so I’m pretty certain no one has ever attempted this route before.

I’m yet to confirm if I am the first person to have ever skateboarded from the UK to the Balearic Islands… kinda like the sound of it though :)


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