A selection of Long Distance Skateboarding links – everything from the community to the individuals themselves.

abec 11 flywheelsMy first choice of wheel for the long distance trek – Big, soft and so so smooth.

skatefurtherSkate Further – Long Distance Skateboarding News, Events and a host of individual blogs.

ezk8 ibizaNot just the best skate shop on the island – EZK8 is the heart of Ibizas skate community hosting events, parties and film premiers.

skate-craft-longboards-london-MASTER-2_01Hand crafted Longboards – Made in England

Octane Sports
Octane Sports – The brains behind London Longboards

coffeehigh_printMax Willis – Aging longboarder, master carver, hereditary artist,
accomplished videographer, international people person.

middle age shred logo orangeThe place where old people forget they’re old

Mercury Wheel BearingsMercury Wheel Bearings – Precision bearings made with nothing but skating in mind

pavedwave“the soul of distance skateboarding”

board freeDave Cornthwaites epic journey across Australia – an early inspiration and an essential read

EuroVelo 1

 Several thousand kilometers of concrete

realdivideOne guy and his bird completing one of the most difficult trails on the planet – 5000km – 8 months

SeanButtingerSean Buttinger – LDP addict, my guide through the Atlantic Coast

WorldOnBoardthe Green Earth Surfer….
Can one man really skate the whole globe?

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