charityI know I should be trying to raise thousands for a great cause but the facts are, I’ve got my own things to fix before I can start helping others.

My brother recently achieved only a fraction of his target on a 3100m hike so I’m pretty sure that volunteering for a few days on my return will benefit all on a much greater scale than begging for months, only to raise a couple of hundred quid.

I know that there are some very kind hearted people out there though so I want to share the story of a fellow skater called Clarky. Here he is:



Chirpy lookin fella eh! He’s an old school skater from the North West that is currently preparing to jump into the ring with Big Daddy C and we need to send him to Hungary to learn some new ninja skills ahead of the first round.

When I read his story, it sickened when I realised I don’t currently have the budget to donate when I’m planning a 60 day trip on a £8 per day allowance, £1 for every 5k. The best I can do for now is help raise some awareness and try and push hard to save a couple of days expenses by the end of the trip.

Please take a moment to check out his funding page, read his story, give anything you can or simply send him a message of support.

Help Clarky

Hit the heart! Show the man some sugar!

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