long distance skateboard trek
UPDATE: The Long Push really did happen – a long distance skateboarding trek to Ibiza

You’ve landed on this page because you have a love for long distance skateboarding, longboarding, you like an adventure, you’re worried if I’m still alive, because you think I’m a bit mental or you’re thinking of planning your own long distance skateboarding trek.

It’s been 10 years since my last trip abroad so, well, I decided to go all out you might say. After all, a holiday is supposed to be a break from your everyday routine right? Commute, work, commute, TV, bed, repeat, repeat, repeat etc. So surely a GREAT holiday will be the polar opposite!… correct? So spending 40 days or so skateboarding long distances by day and sleeping rough by night, on my own, crapping in the woods with little food, no luxuries and only 1 pairs of pants is surely a dream vacation…. isn’t it?

Countdown to the celebration party - July 26th 2015








There’s a lot of the planet I’ve left unexplored but one place never seems to stop calling my name, the white isle of Ibiza. Ever since my first visit over 15 years ago, I’ve not had a dream located anywhere other, freaky shit. There’s something very special about that place that I just can’t put my finger on. long distance skateboard trek

Returning 3 years later with a one way ticket, the island became the place I wanted to call home. The sun, the sand, the sounds, the sangria and the Space carry-ons were just some of the experiences that captured a large part of my heart. But, of course, that’s the same feeling every young intrepid traveler walks away with from his “gap year abroad” as I’m sure many of you remember. Get it done, have a blast, wrap it up, crack on with life eh? Simple right?… well, I’ve struggled with that last bit. We all know it’s tough out there at the moment and I need a new approach. Time to reset the switches Michael! So, I’ve decided I need to return to Ibiza and dance once more with the ghosts that continue to haunt me.

Now, this probably isn’t the wisest of ideas for one obvious reason – hardly the place to finally GROW UP is it – and one other; I have some very fond memories based there and returning to find out “it’s not what it used to be” might shatter them. It seems the buzz I get from the island is mainly in the dream of “going there” (not necessarily being there) so…..

…… I decided to milk out the “going there” process by swapping an Aeroplane for a Skateboard.

Long Distance Skateboarding Trek

Follow the menu links to find out the full details of this long distance skateboard trek. Everything from a breakdown of my kit and reviews to my daily blog, GPS route and gallery updates showing off my seeping blisters.


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  1. Sounds amazing, good luck with the journey :)

  2. When the going gets tough, think of the sunshine in Ibiza! Best of luck, we will be thinking of you.

  3. Good for you, good luck, stay safe & once your there, enjoy the sunshine xx

  4. Hi Michael, we met in MacDonald’s in Narbonne today. I have found you somewhere to stay in Perpignan. I have sent you the details through a facebook message, it will be your other message box as we are not friends on facebook. Melanie

  5. Hi Michael,
    Denis here from the Res Nova moored in Barking Creek.
    Congrats on making it to Ibiza alive.
    Well, did you have your dreams shattered or was it as good as you remembered it?
    My dream place is Antiparos in the Greek Cyclades island; haven’t been there for years so I’ll probably have my dreams shattered. Hopefully not!!


    • Hey Dennis! Great to hear from you.
      Did I have my dreams shattered? I don’t think I did you know. The island has changed so much but u spent a lot of time living in the north of the island with hippies in an abandoned hotel, crashed a few nights in the motor, I had lots of challenges but when I finally settled… I fell back in love with the place more than ever before.
      It did however, shatter two of the discs in my back so I look forward to sharing the stories with a beer in about 3 months when I’m recovered from surgery.
      I think there may be a lesson somewhere here….


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