Welcome to the daily blog – a list of mindless ramblings from a confused adult with a child’s mind embarking on a stupidly long distance skateboarding trek so he can party with some old friends.

It all kicked off back on 30th May. Starting line was Brighton Pier and then onto Newhaven for the ferry to Dieppe, tactically chosen so that I didn’t have to spend one single night dwelling in the hedgerows of the UK.

I planned to keep this long distance skateboarding blog updated daily (power permitting) with events, progress, pics of my freeze dried evening meals etc (so my mum’s mind is put at rest if nothing else). It was just supposed to be a blog – bullet points of the daily activities. Then I discovered I like writing. Then everything started to go wrong, then right, onto perfection and then straight to the bottom of the barrel. When I have finished, this will then be a complete “balls out” documentation of a seriously misguided adventure. I made a lot of mistakes! I battled through adversity. If it happened to me, it’s going down in writing! No shame, no pride. Brutal honesty.

You can comment on the topics if you like…. and, please do! It’d be nice knowing that people are out there hearing my screams.

NB. I will not apologise for any of the foul language used! Unless it’s you mum, in which case, I’m really, really sorry.

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7 weeks to go and there’s still a lot of planning left to do. My efforts so far have been on kit, tech, routes etc and primarily getting myself through the first week without having some kind of breakdown. The EuroVelo’s are fairly well documented so... read more

The backup board

So yeah, the idea of taking a shed-built board is great but might been seen as a little stupid. The last thing I want is to get halfway there only for my board to fail on me. I’ve every confidence this wont happen but, better be safe than sorry, I’m... read more

Breaking in the long distance shoes

After picking up the Landyachts board last night, to my surprise, it came with a set of Vault wheels, pick n mix bearings and Trucks! Complete bargain for 40 bucks. I’m pretty sure the kid I bought it off at 10:30pm last night simply couldn’t be bothered... read more

UK’s worst long distance route?

So, I just went out for chicken (a staple in my area) and got a little carried away on the board. Through Barking, onto Ilford and through Romford… and that’s when my front truck fell off. It a horrible enough route as it is: no hills, constant flow of... read more

My first marathon

Yay! 27.5 miles today! Didn’t mean it to be that far… I was just looking for a hill FFS. Great distance though as this is the total I have planned to cover during each day of the trek. Problem is, I did this distance in 5 hours including a lunch break.... read more

My first sponsor!!!! Whoop

I’m not very good at attention seeking. I hate all that spotlight, red carpet nonsense. The only time you’ll ever catch me on a podium is when there’s lazers and I’m doing the running man. So spamming for sponsorship was never on the agenda.... read more

Evo Surgery

So the little tumble I took the other day seems to have made quite an impact on the board. Both shoulders started to de-lam. I can’t be certain it was due to the stack but I can’t think of any other event that could have caused this. So I’ve decided... read more

Mind of a child…. back of an OAP

So, board freshened up, yesterday I decided to do a short push to stretch the legs. 2hrs in and BAMM!!! my back twinges. Owiee. I hobbled the short distance home and made the mistake of sitting down. I live with a physiotherapist (which is handy) so after spending 10... read more

An extra 10 days

I think it’s only sensible to give myself an extra 10 days repair time. It’s not much of a delay and I really need the tie to strengthen my lower back muscles in order to prevent another twinge on the road. If that happens, I’ll be on my own, laid up... read more

Good news helps the healing

Well, there’s not been much to report really. Done lots of stretching, tried getting back on the board, twinged my back again, strained my stomache muscles compensating for the lack of back support which slowly eased off and manifested into chronic testicle ache... read more

A GREAT day followed by a painful evening

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I twinged my back and the recovery process has been pretty good. I’ve been sticking to my exercises and stretches issued by my physio and it seems it’s healing well, my back anyway. The problem I have now reared... read more

The cure to a bad back?… crackling!

Today has been a truly AWESOME day! after last weekends crippling session at Crystal Palace Park, I was dreading today: the Crackling at Hog Hill – a multi-disciplin longboard event covering downhill racing, slalom, freeride and tech sliding. All in all, the... read more

May 28, 2015 at 10:40PM

via IFTTT The final piece falls into place #longpushtoibizablog Was grinning like a Cheshire Cat when I was presented with the ultimate gift from my fellow shipmates (oh, I live on a ship by the way). Double this up with a 20 oz T Bone and a few to many beers and it... read more

May 28, 2015 at 11:27PM

via IFTTT The last supper #longpushtoibizablog Filling up on some protein on behalf of my shipmates at #thebrucestoneboat – one last amazing meal before 60 days of rabbit food and road... read more

May 30, 2015 at 11:26PM

via IFTTT Only a matter of hours till the big push off! Early 6am start tomorrow on the first day of #longpushtoibiza #longpushtoibizablog #londonlongboards #longboarding #ldp #skatefurther... read more

May 31, 2015 at 08:23AM

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Today is the day! Woke up to a very miserable Brighton and arrived at Newhaven in good time but like a drowned kitten, loaded with doubt and wondering what the hell I was thinking! Certainly not the best start to the #longpushtoibiza but... read more

June 01, 2015 at 08:31AM

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Talk about a shock to the system! My first night camping was cold to say the least. My mini sleeping bag is mini because it’s made of nothing. I wore every single layer I had last night and I didn’t bring much at all. My... read more

June 01, 2015 at 03:43PM

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Sat by the harbour in some tiny little French village, trying to warm up in the sun and a Romanian lady walks past. Seeing as my Romanian and French are non existent, I simply smile and tip my hat. She return 2 mins later with a 2 euro... read more

Realisation sinks in

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 3 One thing I need you all to know: I’m not doing this to prove anything to anyone but myself! So here I am at my second campsite for the night – a small patch of woodland just outside Neville. It’s supposed to have... read more

The dead end

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog A little home comfort! So, after a great nights sleep in Cany-Barville, I hit the only road on the way to Fecamp. Rested but not fuelled up to the right level by any means. I want food, I desperately need food but I’m getting that... read more

No filming!…?

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog I have a couple of quite lengthy vlog entries to upload but I’m starting to think this might not be the best way to record #longpushtoibiza. I know there’s a few of you expecting to see some awesome GoPro action but my... read more

June 05, 2015 at 05:40PM

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog My first full, hot meal in 6 days completely finished with the GREATEST of thanks to the wonderful group I met at Caen station. Guilt free, delicious and completely satisfying. I just hope I can keep it down for the night.... read more

One lost sole with nature

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 6 – Caen to Rennes Arriving in Caen yesterday via the bus from Le Havre. I wasn’t going to argue with the local police when they ordered me to stay off the roads and with my backside shooting out what little calories... read more

Brief encounters

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 5/6 cntd… That was, until 4am when I was forced to leap out of my tent and make as much distance as possible before a bout of highly explosive diorrehia napalmed the entire area. At least my system is finally working! I woke in... read more

June 06, 2015 at 07:35AM

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 5/6 cntd… It seems the chance encounters you have when out of your normal environment are the ones you can never forget. Well, that was certainly the case here and it was lovely to witness. They all understood my journey! ok,... read more


via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 6/7 – Rennes Day 7 – Rennes Well, that’s 126m crossed out of my journey! The train from Caen to Rennes certainly wasn’t on the itinerary but I couldn’t ignore the orders from the Police or my health.... read more

Sleeping rough

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog Day 6/7 cntd… … The spot I chose last night was like something from an age old Sinbad movie – wasps the size of my thumb (what’s left of it after the fall on day 1) and mozzies big enough that I would be confident... read more

….And back to the other extreme

  Day 7/8 … And back to the other extreme. Amongst the messages of support from all, I have two special people guiding me through, raising my moral and keeping me on track: Hermoinie the Kitty and Lewi the Legend. They’re long distance skaters too and... read more

The long walk

via IFTTT #longpushtoibizablog And off I trot! You’ll be pleased to hear I’m going to have to save up today’s poetry for the next blog post due to saving my battery power to try and solve some problems back at the boat. But, to summarise: Today I hit... read more

“The 1″

  Day 9/10 Redon – Nantes Well, as it transpires and as if none of you already had serious concerns, Google isn’t to be trusted! Yes, my idyllic campsite in Redon lived up to and exceeded every expectation with regards to it beauty, a truly gorgeous... read more

Beach time

  Day 11 Nantes – Pornic Nantes, a city! No doubt about that. It weren’t for the high rises, McDonald’s, Subways and other international slave chains that I so gladly left behind, I’d haven been able to tell by the simple fact that my... read more

Feeling “fresh” brrrr

Day 12 (I think) Pornic – nowhere Itching to get into the sea! I say itching in the literal sense. 5 days without a shower and doused in mozzie repellant isn’t a comfortable condition by any stretch. Icky, sticky and rotten, that morning I didn’t... read more

The bird sanctuary

Day 13… Probably Pornic – Bouin Powered up fully, I have one last thing on the agenda before heading due South again – a 1000 word email back home to try and save my friends back at the boat. Yes, another 2 hrs out of my schedule for the day but,... read more

Short, sweet and uninformative

Day 13 Gonna keep this one short n sweet in order to save battery and get the blogs back on track and in line. Woke up wet in Bouin after a night of real heavy rainfall, hid from the rain for another 3ish hours, spent another few hours drying out the tent, skated... read more

Rain and pain

Day 15 I woke in mosquitoville wishing I’d made more of an effort to lock the blood sucking little buggers out of my net, rather than in. Lumps on my newly acquired “cankles” that are calling for deep vein thrombosis socks and throbbing like the... read more

Hope through adversity

Day 16 Les Sables D’Olonne The rain never faded. And as the clock approached 4pm I’d decided that 6hrs “Davin’it” in McDonald’s was more than enough for one lifetime, thank you not one bit. Time to face up to the fact that I’m... read more

No music allowed

Day 17 Les Sables D’Olonne – Tranche sur Mer “Time to get up Michael! Come on Michael!! No excuses now. You’ve had 2 days of comfort, you’ve got a belly full of calories to burn and the fires have been bellowed by your friends. Time to... read more

Angels and Demons

Day 18 Les Sables D’Olonne – La Rochelle Freddy Kruger. Never have I ever sat through an entire screening of Halloween so why I was having nightmare about him make as much sense as why everyone in France seems to think I’m Bon Jovi (I’ve now... read more

Happy birthday hostility

Day 19 La Rochelle – Echillias 43.5km It seems the perfection of a campsite has no affect on the sleep it offers. No sand, no picturesque landscape. A roundabout and not just any roundabout, more like a junction of the M25 apart from the fact that the mountains... read more

The road to Ruin

Day 20 Ecillias – Sorlac su Mer A windy but good night. Hardly bouncing off the walls under a mirrorball but quiet, restful and the luxury of a clean public toilet to wash and stock up on fresh water for a monster caffeine kick up the arse to start the day.... read more

So you wanna be a record breaker?

Day 21 A hedge in Soulac sur-Mer – the other side of the road Setting a new record for the shortest distance covered in one day! I was ready to push hard, no doubts about that. Granted, more keen on the idea of a day on Playa Cala Saladaita but that’s best... read more

Skating schizophrenia

Day 22 #longpushtoibiza Surlac su-Mer – Maubuisson Waking with a dying thirst wasn’t on the cards. Not the original hand anyway and, as enjoyable as the evening was, I was somewhat regretting the undertable trade with Francois. It was Father’s Day... read more

The hopeless uploads

Day 24 – the hopeless uploads 27km There’s really not much to write about being sat in a McDonald’s for 5 hours watching a 4.5min video clip taking 1.5 hours to upload to YouTube. Let me try: they do a very good job of making the burgers actually... read more

Smashing it! (and everything else)

Day 25 Ok, I slept well but it was another night of very weird dreams and shivering as the temperature dropped to 9c. A normal night I suppose with an early 6:30am rise, tent covered in morning due and a layer of mist covering the ground like pretty much every scene... read more

A proper cup of English

Day 26/27 Targos – nowhere – 0km Targos – Meilhan sur-Garron – dunno, somewhere between 35-45km Not a great deal to report on day 25. I woke on Mandy and Jerremys sofa not at all convinced that I’d slept well and a quick glance at the... read more

The holy grail has been found

Day 28 Meilhan sur-Garron – Agen 82km There was no rise that morning. Well, of course that’s not technically true but, let me put it this way, the sun got out of bed in a much speedier fashion. Seems by muscles were adopting the “when in... read more

A belly flop from the top board

Day 30 Today I received simply some of the best news I’ve ever had… but they say it’s never a good idea to write on a low. So, regardless of how certain I am about complete fucking turmoil I’m going through right now, I’m gonna try and... read more

The battle continues

Day 32 Narbonne – Les Carbanes De LaPalarm 37km I considered heading back to Carcassan to fix the fuck up of the previous day. In all honesty, not going back is something I will undoubtedly regret for years to come but I just couldn’t bring myself to do... read more

Freaky friday

Day 33 Les Carbanes De LaPalarm – Paradise Lagoon I woke with a different worry. There was a brief moment between waking up and checking were I wasn’t sure. I didn’t feel any pain but maybe my arsehole had been bruised so badly the nerve endings were... read more

Sausage and HP

Day 34 Mas de la Garriga – Saint-Genie-des-Fontain The sun rose in exactly the same point as where I last saw the moon through my tent opening. Which was odd I thought. The location was perfection shaded by criminality – a small grouping of pine trees in... read more

Near Death Valley

Day 35 Saint-Genie-des-Fontain – Figuerus 45km There’s one thing I found out on this journey, that I’m slightly inclination-blind. The difference between flat and slightly uphill, or downhill. Always seems to throw me when I’m rolling way... read more

Complete meltdown, all bar the clocks

Day 36 North Figuerus – Girona Tourist day! Hey, If I ever grow old and decrepit, I don’t think I’ll be able to deal too well with the fact that I passed through Dali country without stopping at the museum. I woke that day with only that in mind, a... read more

No way but the highway

Day 37 Girona – Girona airport – Girona – El Mas Moro – Blanes Focus was needed today – The heat. The N2, all the way to Barcelona. I was back on the highway by 7am and if only it could have stayed like that all day. The traffic was... read more

One long last push

Day 39 (I’ve miscalculated somewhere along the way – back on track) Camp De Les Meves – Barcelona Christmas Day. Better than Christmas Day. Just like Christmas Day: hardly any sleep and awoke to a present. I checked my mail as I woke with a sense of... read more

It could be worse

Well… It’s been way too long since I returned to the UK for there to be any more developments from the Long Push to Ibiza. Right? If only that were the case… As you may already know, from the very start of the trip I was experiencing pain in the... read more

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  1. loving your blog. Realy interesting and well written. I think you’ve had a great idea, I just hope that the good times are great and the less good times only serve to make the better ones more memorable, and lets face it’s not an adventure unless you suffer some!!!! Proud of you nephew 😉


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