The cure to a bad back?… crackling!

The cure to a bad back?… crackling!

Today has been a truly AWESOME day! after last weekends crippling session at Crystal Palace Park, I was dreading today: the Crackling at Hog Hill – a multi-disciplin longboard event covering downhill racing, slalom, freeride and tech sliding. All in all, the best names in longboarding, all in one place, 4 miles up the road from me. I couldn’t miss it!

abec 11 flywheels

Alarm set, I wake up to a package from Sk8trip :) :) :) My new wheels – Abec11 90mm flywheels – big, soft, heavy and FAST! Just in time for a thorough testing. Grinning from ear-to-ear (a phrase that doesn’t do it justice), I reach the hill with ONE goal:” stay off the board Michael!, you’re recovering”. By the time I was walking back up the hill after my first, and rather wobbly 22mph run, my ONE goal had changed from playing it safe to “gotta hit 30mph by the end of the day”. So much for being careful. The thing is though…. those wheels!! The just feel soo great and roll FOREVER! Coupled with the Mercury Wheels Bearings (which have now been fully run in), it’s like surfing custard (and who wouldn’t want to do that eh?). The heavier board and the lower center of gravity offers that little more stability which make a BIG difference in the confidence. Less panic, a little more speed, a LOT more fun! They take a bit to get going but, once they are there, they just keep going. With these wheels, I’m gonna be carried to Ibiza.

The day went really well! No stacks, no blood and, more importantly,… NO ACHY BACK!!!! :) I think I might be fully mobile again and I can’t tell you how great it feels. Granted, not a lot of pushing to do in a downhill event but, regardless, a full day on the board without problems is a huge improvement and bodes very well for the push off IN 7 DAYS! (eek) Look like it’s all coming together at the 11th hour.

Big thanks to Octane Sports and Newtons Shred for hosting the event. Huge congrats to Ben Dorling from Skate-Craft in placing 4th within the B-class slalom event, putting his name up there with the best in the UK in his first ever competitive event and a final thank you to all the really cool boarders that attended the event.

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