My first sponsor!!!! Whoop

I’m not very good at attention seeking. I hate all that spotlight, red carpet nonsense. The only time you’ll ever catch me on a podium is when there’s lazers and I’m doing the running man. So spamming for sponsorship was never on the agenda. This trip is for me and I don’t want to have to make sure I’m eating a Subway in every shot just because they’re paying me to.

I chose the board for my own reasons and didn’t even manage a discount there. Bearing were another matter. I did my research and found some amazing reviews on a little company in the states called Mercury, another underdog :) Skater owned, they produce bearings specifically with skating in mind, not just as a sideline. Precision designed to keep the lube in and the elements out which should serve me the entire 2000+km.

The important thing for me was longevity. They are the most important element of the board for me not just for a smooth ride, but for energy spent. Every extra inch rolling distance is going to save hundreds and hundreds of pushes during the entire trip. Also weight – I need to do this trip on ONLY 1 set of bearings. A full set of spares is a lot of extra weight.

Better still, I will be testing out some new tech…. progress in bearing technology that could make a huge impact on the industry.

Exciting times!!!!


  1. nice work mike :)

  2. Congrats buddy, seems like it’s all coming together!


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