My first marathon

Yay! 27.5 miles today! Didn’t mean it to be that far… I was just looking for a hill FFS. Great distance though as this is the total I have planned to cover during each day of the trek. Problem is, I did this distance in 5 hours including a lunch break. I’m not going to be capable of only skating 6 hrs a day to compete the trip. What else am I going to do with myself? I’m going to want 12hrs a day at least so it looks like I’m going to have more time in Ibiza than I thought.

Todays route was Barking to Ilford to Romford then onto Gants Hill, Chigwell and finally Hainault before turning back.

Kitted out the day sack with all the essentials and went for it. Tunes rolling, hydration pack stacked with homemade lemonade and ice, sun blazing… couldn’t have asked for a better day for it. Apart from the headwind. And the paving slabs vibrating my feet till their numb to the ankle.

But… I feel really great! My legs are like jelly a little

Today I learnt a few things:
Foot breaking at 25mph is scary as fuck an pulls at your hamstring like a pit bull with a new toy.
Bombing roads during peak traffic is a deathwish best avoided.
Dont forget the phone charger.Fudge is rad!

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