Mind of a child…. back of an OAP

Mind of a child…. back of an OAP

So, board freshened up, yesterday I decided to do a short push to stretch the legs. 2hrs in and BAMM!!! my back twinges. Owiee. I hobbled the short distance home and made the mistake of sitting down. I live with a physiotherapist (which is handy) so after spending 10 mins in agony trying to stand up again, I popped next door so she could take a look and see what’s going on. We swiftly diagnosed the issue to be with the Iliolumbar ligament, deciding that I’d strained it.


12 hrs later, I wake up and well, I’m now thinking I’ve done a little more than a strain. I’m completely bed ridden. Can barely move at all. If I was capable, I’d be going to the hospital today but because I can’t move, that’d involve calling an ambulance and they have better things to do so I’m just going to have to keep myself dosed up with pain killers and wait for the inflammation to settle.

I hope to be back and standing in a couple of days so it’ll then be a case of taking it easy, stretching regularly until it’s possible for me to start working these muscles. It’s not the first time I’ve had issues in this region so it’ll need some serious focus ahead of the trip.

The pain I can handle, it’s the delay I can’t!

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