May 31, 2015 at 08:23AM

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Today is the day! Woke up to a very miserable Brighton and arrived at Newhaven in good time but like a drowned kitten, loaded with doubt and wondering what the hell I was thinking!
Certainly not the best start to the #longpushtoibiza but hey, things can only get better for here on. As long as I stay fit that is! My sciatica is still playing up and the fluid build up on my board knee is still flaring towards the end of the day. I’m ignoring the warning signs my body is giving me which is probably very foolish but… that sums me up pretty nicely.
Currently waiting to board the ferry out of here and catch up on the 20mins sleep I got last night.
Roll on France because, as we all know, it’s beautifully sunny there ISNT IT!!!!

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