May 28, 2015 at 10:40PM

via IFTTT The final piece falls into place

Was grinning like a Cheshire Cat when I was presented with the ultimate gift from my fellow shipmates (oh, I live on a ship by the way). Double this up with a 20 oz T Bone and a few to many beers and it made for a really amazing send off.
So, I’m just in the process of clearing out the last of my stuff, bags are pack and there’s only a couple of items left on the kit list (as long as Amazon deliver as promised)
The push off has been pushed back to Sunday morning at 6am – total pain in the frikin arse for those sending my off but I gotta think about the first days skate and make sure it’s laid out well with daylight on my side.
Funds are going to be tight but as long as I keep under €15 a day, I’ll have a little left over to pamper myself when I arrive 50 days later.
The board has had further mods, the pack is weighing up well (on course for my sub 18lb target), everything looks good! Just wish everything felt good. My back is still only at 80% and the sciatica it brings seems to disperse in the first 30 mins of the day and flare back up early evening. What I’m depending on here is that the exercise will drive this away…. Yeah, I know! That’s a lot of faith eh.

This combined with my general fears is making this run up process to be a very worrying experience. You know that feeling you get a week before your summer holiday? That “ooh, I can’t wait” feeling! Well I’m getting none of that at all! It more like the feeling you get when your about to go on stage and perform a speak to huge audience. Which is a good thing! I know I can do that… So I sure I can do this!

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