The long walk

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And off I trot!

You’ll be pleased to hear I’m going to have to save up today’s poetry for the next blog post due to saving my battery power to try and solve some problems back at the boat. But, to summarise:
Today I hit the eurovelo 1 with a huge sense of relief after a much colder night than expected in Redon. Getting used to only 4hrs kip of an evening, I stocked up on the essentials in town and swallowed the fact that it’s a 100km trek down the Brest canal to Nantes, knowing from my preparation that much of it is unskatable due to the gravelly nature of the towpath.

Staying positive that there must be roads running adjacent, I secured the pack and pressed on hard to still try and reach the 25m goal. Yes, the two roads I found were simply perfect – smooth, flat, traffic free and no head wind hindering my progress. Mr Fiasco, I’m going to have to correct you! It’s actually more like “kick, push, coast, coast, coast” – exactly how I like it! But that was only for about 6km. The other 34 was “lug, lug, lug, ache, ache…” And wow do I ache right now! My lower calf on my pushing leg is tighter than my fathers wallet.

Sat with my back up against a tree in a place called Notre Dame (no, not that one), leg elevated to hinder the swelling but fed, comfortable and looking forward to an extra few degrees and hoping for an extra couple of hours kip.

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