Sleeping rough

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Day 6/7 cntd…

… The spot I chose last night was like something from an age old Sinbad movie – wasps the size of my thumb (what’s left of it after the fall on day 1) and mozzies big enough that I would be confident placing any amount of money in a bet on which one would be triumphant of they were ever to break out into a fight.

We’re talking some serious speed tenting! I was bitten 5 times in as many minutes. This is REALLY WILD (to quote Mr Packham) – a no human zone!
The little comfort I gain from the sounds of more woodpeckers were quickly drowned out by the screeching of a small animal being savaged by something I daren’t let my imagination explore too deeply.

Rapidly sheltering under the mozzie net of my tarp, I smash down an amazing orange and make sure to zest everywhere possible to aid the effectiveness of my only repellent wipe.
It’s late, the light is fading fast and I bed down for the evening slightly secured by gripping a tent peg in case I get bum rushed by a wild boar. This was no place to camp and although my bravery managed to see me to sleep, the temperature had other ideas, dropping to a low of 7c at 3am.
I had pants on my head, smelly socks on my hands, a bin liner scalf and wore a micro fleece as a makeshift pair of trousers. Everything was on but it wasn’t enough. 2 hours sleep in total and, as soon as light broke I was up, desperate to find some sunshine and the comfort of a rancid McDonald’s latte from the drive though I passed on the way there.

The start of day 8 will be slow. It’s taking me an age just complete a sentence of this blog but I’m warm, fed and the food is staying with me thank heavens.

NB. I used the “slumber” filter purely as a sense of irony

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