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Day 6/7 – Rennes
Day 7 – Rennes

Well, that’s 126m crossed out of my journey! The train from Caen to Rennes certainly wasn’t on the itinerary but I couldn’t ignore the orders from the Police or my health. Yes, I’m gutted I’m still not skating anyway near a full day but the sickness and inability to take in even a semi-reasonable amount of food were impossible to ignore. 5000cal a day is my requirement and finally, I’m getting closer.

Arriving at around 5:30pm I wasted no time in finding the best burger bar in town, tucking into a monster meal and completely demolishing it!
The large town of Rennes is a very welcoming place. Bustling with activity from live bands in the square to street performers and, without doubt, the largest population of longboarders I’ve ever witnessed. Loaded, Madrids and even a LongboardLarry but it’s wasn’t just the cool brands – the kids here sport some serious street skills and speak fantastic English, a huge inhalation of fresh air!

After the most satisfying burger ever, I started to research the eurovelo1 cycle route – the reason I’m here – only to find another 40m separating me from my destination. It’s there! And I’m close! But I’m by no means home and dry yet.
Uncertain of the roads once again and with the day drawing to a close, I stock up on essentials for the evening (water, fruit and veg) and start a 15km skate to the nearest patch of green I can see via satellite – Rennes golf course, not planning on pitching up on the 9th green but by a river that runs through it. Located just south of the airport, the roads leading there were kind until the pavements once again fade into another 90kmph, twin laned “rural D road” and a busy one at that.
The greenery appears and I head into the woodland, away from the noise of the roads and sheltered from the wind expecting another idillic evening of reading and contemplation.

Far from it!…

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