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Day 6 – Caen to Rennes

Arriving in Caen yesterday via the bus from Le Havre. I wasn’t going to argue with the local police when they ordered me to stay off the roads and with my backside shooting out what little calories I’ve managed to intake thought the entire day in a matter of milliseconds, well, there’s pride and there’s stupidity.
But I must say I’m totally gutted I didn’t get to skate the coastline of upper Normandy. It’s like something out of a fairy tale (these days anyway). It was a lovely day, the towns were idillic and the sandy beaches beckoning me with every glance.

Arriving in Caen, I found myself in a similar situation to that of Le Havre:- nearest campsites were over 15k and, seeing as the breakfast of choice for about 30% of the population appears to be a local variety of Special Brew, I decided to get out of town to find a spot to set up camp for the evening. Correct decision!

Following the railway to a beautiful canal, I pushed about 4km along a gravely cycle path until I reached a large patch of grassland, untouched with blades tall enough to completely hide my tent at full mast. This is what this trip is about! A beautiful evening, perfect breeze, a botched up spagbol to line my completely empty and shrinking stomach.
No noise at all bar the mating regime of two lesser spotted woodpeckers and an air display of kestrels up to the same tricks. Hours to kill before sundown, perched up against a tree and finally understanding why I thought this was a great idea. For this first time in as long as I can remember, I yearned for nothing more! A feeling that delivered a sense of clarity and understanding that gave me the ability to look back at London, consider the, what can now only be described as a “lavish”, lifestyle I have left behind in London.
Like a rapidly growing plant from a david attenborough documentary, this spurred contemplation across the board. My friends, my family, my needless pocessions and the importance I emphasise on my every day wants and annoyances that have always been the precursor to every decision I’ve made.

That night, on my own, virtually lost in every way…. MY journey finally began.

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