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I have a couple of quite lengthy vlog entries to upload but I’m starting to think this might not be the best way to record #longpushtoibiza. I know there’s a few of you expecting to see some awesome GoPro action but my concentration has been on finding a firm grip on the ropes during this first week. When I’m in the swing of things, the fun starts and I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear me whinge any more than I have done already. But the tables are turning and last night was my first experience of what this is all about.
So instead of taking up your precious time by saying “erm” after every 5 words. I’ve decided it’s best to put my updates in writing so I can form a decent journal throughout the course of the trip. Mainly for my own reflection in years to come but hey, it might make a worthy toilet read for others by the time it’s finished.
For those that know me, I’m not one for selfies and stopping passers by so they can take a pic of me standing next to every possible landmark. Just google “France”, it’s all there already. Of course I’m going to experience a rollercoaster of ups and downs during the initial stages and I do have a responsibility to keep many of you posted regularly but I’d rather save the little stories to make a great read.

Pitch in if you disagree, I’m always willing to compromise if anyone requests so. I will continue to film as much as I can of course but remember, I don’t have anyone to do this for me and it’s not very tempting to put yourself under the spotlight when you aren’t on any level of higher form.

Making some rapid pace to Rennes today, I’ve only skated about 8km but, by some kind of magical by product, I’ve experienced some of my greatest moments on the trip so far. It’s strange how things work out.

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