Happy birthday hostility

Day 19

La Rochelle – Echillias


It seems the perfection of a campsite has no affect on the sleep it offers. No sand, no picturesque landscape. A roundabout and not just any roundabout, more like a junction of the M25 apart from the fact that the mountains of traffic were actually moving. I slept well! More nightmares but not horrific enough to leave me shaken in any way and a decent cup of coffee sorted them out. This one I made myself. It’s not like the nearby building site or over flying airplanes were able to offer the generosity of the previous morning.
I woke with a full belly from the previous evenings snack down, packed up and hit the gravely pavements, boardie underarm.

Shit, just realised I don’t have the battery power for tonight’s “chapter”. Bullet points it is, elaboration later:

Laid off the mileage, bloody hot all day. 24km in I stopped for water dying of dehydration, approached desk to enquire and got told by the equivalent to a Walmart “meet n greet” to put my board down at security, the twat was wearing roller skates! He called security who asked to search my bag, I said “fine”, he asked me to empty it myself (20min job inc repacking) so I said either you do it or no one does, he called for back up and then they refused to sell me water.

Went to lidl, got welcomed with open arms and they broke a 6 pack to sell me 1 bottle for 22c. Met a really talented skater called Etienne who put me to shame. Pressed on to Rochefort, sailed through, hit the Echillias bridge, doubled back through fear of death.
Alternative was a 1900’s steel gondola, they told me I couldn’t cross because the remaining “traverse” was reserved for a “theatrical play”. Quoted UN human rights of passage and they shut up and accepted the €1.30 fare instead of the €8 sitting fee. Skated 4km to a corn field, met the owner who refused to allow me to camp (lovely old man though), skated back and set up by the bridge. Awesome nights sleep after finding a bit of foam for my shoulders. Woke up and had my first wash in 5 days in the public loos.

… With enough battery left for an episode of South Park 😉

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