Good news helps the healing

Good news helps the healing

Well, there’s not been much to report really. Done lots of stretching, tried getting back on the board, twinged my back again, strained my stomache muscles compensating for the lack of back support which slowly eased off and manifested into chronic testicle ache for the last few days. Much better today though but I wont be stepping on my board again until the weekend.

There has been some developments though – It seems Ibiza is gearing up of a bit of a welcoming party! Joan over at EZK8 skate shop in Ibiza Town has been a great supporter of the project over the last couple of weeks and is organising a small event to celebrate completion. Not only that but this gives me my final destination, the official finishing line. When I arrive at the port in San Antonio, I’ll then have 20km skate, avoiding the terrifying 731 highway, across the entire island from coast to cost. So… I’ve invited the local skaters of Ibiza to join me in a group push.

That’s if I make it on time… or at all of course.

But I’ll tell you what, after 2400km on my own, just the mere prospect of company whilst on the road will no doubt give me energy when I most need it.

ezk8 ibiza

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