Evo Surgery

Evo Surgery

So the little tumble I took the other day seems to have made quite an impact on the board.


Both shoulders started to de-lam. I can’t be certain it was due to the stack but I can’t think of any other event that could have caused this. So I’ve decided to give it a full make over. The shoulders have been Gorilla glued and clamped, tape cut back, graphics and scratches sanded and smoothed. Time for a new design!

Deciding wasn’t difficult. This week I recieved some horrible news: Manumission is dead – it’s official. Manumission (for those a little to young to remember or those that simply can’t) was the catalyst that turned Ibiza from a chilled, boho beach destination into the hedonistic and completely debauched legend that stormed the international headlines. It set the bar like nothing ever has done. Not only breaking world records for their events but forming the island’s culture into one where money, status and job titles simply had no bearing. One love, for all. It was also my employer for 2 years, introducing me to some of the greatest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a dodgy taxi ride with. I miss it like nothing else! Well, actually, my hairline! I miss it like my hairline.

Anyway, after a short series of successful parties last year under the guise of Cinemission (all of which I missed of course), the brainchildren behind.. “Ibiza” have officially announced that they will not be hosting any more events on the island. And I think we all know why!

So, I think it’d be quite appropriate to pay homage – all will be revealed soon.

The damage to the neck is still a question mark though! Continuity in strength is essential and gluing just might not be enough. Only time will tell. Fortunately, it’s just a back up! Let’s hope I don’t need to call on it eh…

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