Long distance skateboarder

Thought it’d be a good idea to give you a little about me (this way you can work out better odds for gambling on my survival).

So, I’m getting on, going bald and bashing away at the daily grind, day in/day out and, seemingly, not learning a thing in the process. STOP! Take a step back… I need another perspective.

Yeah, I like skateboarding! But jees am I awful at it. Lets put it this way; I’ve been perfecting my kickflip for over 25 years, the last time I landed one? 1992. I’ve broken more wrists.
“Apparently” a lot of years have passed since then. God knows where they went! I’m supposed to have grown up.


– Ah, so that’s why you did this –

Pretty much! I’m not a seasoned hiker, trail chaser or an intrepid adventurer! Having only covered about 100k on a longboard before I left, I wasn’t really a long distance skateboarder. Yeah, that’s right… I’d never done anything like this before. I may be a bit of a country bumpkin so I’m not afraid of a long walk but nothing like this, not even 5%. I don’t have any orienteering skills and can barley make it up the famous Angel tube station escalator without passing out.


– So what about training? –

Gym, Yoga, balancing rope, diet – I thought about them all! But that’s as far as I got. I went to the gym to sign up but I’m not going to make myself bankrupt just to get fit so I’m just had to get in a few local 30kers and an overnight done ahead of the trip. UPDATE – and work those lower back muscles!

So by now, those of you that know a thing or two about long distance longboarding are probably wondering how the hell I made it through the first three days. You might be right! I’m had to evaluate every KM during the first few days but one thing was certain – the ONLY danger was physical. Every morning I woke in my hedgerow after a bad nights sleep fending off mosquitos, farmers and more mosquitos, for two blissful months of my life, I only had one thing to do. Only one thing to focus on. One thing to worry about…

… skateboarding to Ibiza.


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  1. Hi Michael,

    Great to learn about your story! It must be one heck of a journey and experience! Would love to feature you as a guest on my blog http://www.longboardhub.com!

    I just followed you on Twitter and would definitely like to hear from you!

    From another Michael :)


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