A GREAT day followed by a painful evening

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I twinged my back and the recovery process has been pretty good. I’ve been sticking to my exercises and stretches issued by my physio and it seems it’s healing well, my back anyway. The problem I have now reared it’s ugly head after an event I attended at Crystal Palace Park called Hill Skills (hosted by Mark Short of Rayne fame).

I felt pretty fit that morning, fit enough to think that getting back on my board and spending a day in the sun learning some tricks was a good idea. I took it easy of course and all went well for the first few hours but, by 2pm, I simply had to throw in the towel. It was a downhill session so there wasn’t much pushing involved but enough for the symptoms of sciatica to set in – shooting pains from my hip, down my leg and into my calf muscle. I arrived home a couple of hours later and made the mistake of sitting down, that was that! By 9pm I was in complete agony every time I shifted my weight. Pain coursing down my thigh and exploding in my upper leg.

So the back twinge has almost healed, the stomach muscle strain has subsided and my balls no longer throb… but now this!

This means one of two very different things:

It’s probably just a side effect of the injury and healing process. In which case, a few more days and I’m fit and ready to roll. Wost case, I’ll wake up in pain but that will ease as the day progresses.
– or -It’s the early signs of sciatica (pinching of the sciatic nerve). In which case I’ll wake up fine but will experience a slowly progressing pain throughout the day till I can no longer stand it. Possibly causing long term damage.

I’m very worried! You can see how much I’ve put into this trip. You can tell how much I need it. I’m worried that it wont happen and I’m worried that I’ll ignore the warning signs and go for it regardless.

I wont shed a tear if I don’t finish the full distance… but I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t start it.

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